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RESIDUOS “Sustainable Management of Industrial and Domestic Residues” (5 groups, Spain, Regional Government, 2006-2010) This project aims to develop a battery of rapid screening tests that permits a rapid characterization of complex residues for their appropriate management. These screening tests include cytotoxicity tests, determination of induction of detoxification activities in cells in vitro, Daphnia and algae tests. In addition, more in depth studies are being carried out to determine the mechanisms of action of groups of chemicals (fluoride derivatives, dioxins, PCBs) in order to determine its possible contribution to the toxicity of the residue. The structural features of these chemicals are being characterized by means of ab initio computational calculations. The approach followed in this project is related with the REACH recommended use of alternative methods.

Collaboration with ECO: The possibility to predict in vivo data using in vitro measurements needs to be studied using machine learning methods (e.g., neural networks) as function of the structure of molecules.

Participants: INIA, CSIC

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