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CADASTER “CAse studies on the Development and Application of in-Silico Techniques for Environmental hazard and Risk assessment” (9 groups, FP7, EU, 2008-2012). The CADASTER will exemplify the integration of information, models and strategies for carrying out safety-, hazard- and risk assessments for large numbers of substances to the new categories of risk assessors within REACH. Real risk estimates will be delivered according to the basic philosophy of REACH of minimizing animal testing, costs, and time. CADASTER will show how to increase the use of non-testing information for regulatory decision whilst meeting the main challenge of quantifying and reducing the level of uncertainty.

Collaboration with ECO: Methods for grouping and calculation of chemical categories using multivariate statistical methods and new fate-exposure-effect models will be developed and tested.

Participants: LU, HiK, HMGU, RU

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