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Dissemination of project results

The general starting point for all issues related to exploitation of project results and management of intellectual property is to make all information, data, models, and methods available to all stakeholders in the broadest sense within REACH.

All project results will be disseminated at the http://ochem.eu site. The site itself is developed by the IBIS/HMGU team now. It will be the main hub for results dissemination within the ECO. The ECO fellows will be required to store all experimental data collected from literature and/or measured during their work as well as models developed during the network (unless there are IPR issues) at this site. The training on how to do this will be provided during the first winter school.

The external participants from the industry or academy, or from the regulation agencies will be able to freely access the site and to predict the molecules using the published models. The site will provide several ways to disseminate the results, which will correspond to different levels of expertise of the external users as well as their need to analyze batch or single compound.

The results of every fellow will be presented at schools and will be published in international peer-reviewed journals with acknowledgement of ECO, after due consideration has been given to the protection of IPR. Further dissemination is done through international conferences. Each fellow should at least give one full talk at an international conference during the ECO to strengthen presentation skills and to practice oral talking within a scientific framework. It is also expected that students will also participate to meetings and workshops of projects to which they will be attached.

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