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AD – Applicability Domain
AhR – aryl hydrocarbon receptor
CA – Consortium Agreement
CADASTER – FP7 grant, CAse studies on the Development and Application of in-Silico Techniques for Environmental hazard and Risk assessment
CDP – career development plan
DFT – Density functional theory
EC – European Commission
ECO – Environmental Chemoinformatics
ENP – engineered nanoparticle
ESR – Early-stage researchers
FT-ICR MS – Fourier-transform-ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometer
GA – General Assembly
GO-Bio – BMBF grant Development of ADME/T methods using Associative Neural Networks - A novel self-learning software for confident ADME/T predictions, Germany
HMGU – Helmholtz Zentrum München – German Research Center for Environmental Health
HTS – high throughput screening
IPR – Intellectual Property Rights
ITN – Marie Curie Initial Training Network
IUCLID – International Uniform Chemical Information Database, http://iuclid.eu
LTR – Long Term Researcher, ESR who will do his/her PhD during the ECO
MOA – Mode of Action
MOPAC – Molecular Orbital PACkage, semi-empirical quantum chemistry program
OECD – Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development
QSAR – Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship
QSPR – Quantitative Structure Property Relationship
REACH – Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals
SB – Supervisory Board
SME – Small and Medium Enterprise
STF – Short Term Fellowship
STR – Short Term Researcher, who can spend an average of 4 months, with a maximum of 12 months in ECO training

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