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ECO Winter School 2012

ECO Winter School 2012

27.February - 02.March 2012


The Marie Curie Initial Training Network "Environmental ChemOinformatics (ECO)" will hold the ECO Winter School 2012 at INIA, Madrid, Spain.

Training will be offered on the optimization of structures using quantum-mechanical methods, conformational analysis and ab initio computation of properties. A special focus of the school lies on the advantages and limitations of in vitro methods for
toxicology studies, as well as on the relationship between in vitro data and computed properties.

Guest speakers will be invited for the theoretical lessons and the training will be completed with hands-on training in the lab and on the server.

Dr. José Navas (INIA), Dr. Igor Tetko (HMGU, project Coordinator), Prof. Willie Peijnenburg (LU), Prof. Jan Hendriks (RU), Prof. Karl-Werner Schramm (HMGU), Prof. Roberto Todeschini (UNIMIB), Prof. Tomas Knepper (IFAR), Prof. Tomas Öberg (LnU)

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