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Hochschule Fresenius - Institute for Analytical Research

The Institute for Analytical Research (IFAR) undertakes monitoring and method development in fields of organic trace -, surface - and accident analysis, metabolism studies, substance evaluation, bioanalysis and inorganic elemental analysis. The main focus is the elucidation of metabolism pathway of substances in the aquatic environment applying degradation tests which simulate environmental conditions. The group is involved in structural design of ecological harmless substitutes for persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic chemicals. For this purpose modern analytical instrumentation is available like several tandem mass spectrometers coupled to gas and liquid chromatography (2 x GC-MS, LC-MS/MS (Q-ToF and Q-Trap), LC-MS, MALDI-ToF), ion chromatography, ICP-OES etc. Extensive training with the focus on structure elucidation of metabolites is performed routinely with master students of the University of Applied Sciences Fresenius. Hence, the scientific staff is experienced in educating and communicating cutting-edge knowledge in this field.
Prof. Thomas P. Knepper is dean of the Faculty Chemistry and Biology and leader of the Institute for Analytical Research affiliates to the University of Applied Sciences Fresenius. Prof. Knepper has led monitoring campaigns for analysing pesticides, surfactants, pharmaceuticals and other organic micropollutants for more than 15 years. He is author of around 110 papers in the most important scientific journals and participated in 5 FP5-FP6 EU projects. Furthermore he organized several international meetings and is chairman of the executive committee of the Division of Detergent Chemistry of the German Chemical Society and member of the executive committee for the Water Chemical Society - Division of the German Chemical Society.

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